Pioneer Adventure (4 Spots Left)

July 21, 2024 July 27, 2024

Arrive at the lodge around noon, settle in and match a horse for you. We will take a short ride before supper to ensure that you are comfortable with your horse.

Early the next morning after a hearty breakfast mount up and ride up Potato Mt. to the 2 story cabin, at 6100 feet, approx. 9 miles. Unpack and settle in there, after lunch, go for a ride to Lingfield lake and check out the fishing, and back to the cabin for a waiting supper and comraderie around the blazing campfire. ( your choice of sleeping arrangements, Cabin, Tent or under the stars).

The next morning after breakfast, head off to Chilco lake rim Tsylos Park with views of impressive Chilco Lake, Tsuniah Lake, Nemiah Valley and surrounding Coast Mt. Having lunch and spotting for wildlife bedded down in the breaks. Maybe a closer inspection of a fossil outcrop and ptarmigan. Back to the cabin by the long way looking for and stalking wildlife for some excellent photographs. Supper awaits.

This morning we are going to the north end of the Mt. 10 miles or so through Marmot Basin with its whistling pigs and Monkey head flowers and on to the grave of Killer of white men, the last Native from the Wadington massacre that refused to surrender, then ride back along the rim overlooking Tatlayoko Lake, Niut Mt. and the coast range with views of Mt. Wadington, our highest mountain in BC. Across the moonscape and if the snow banks are there, traverse across them to the main fossil beds with 50 to 75 million year old fossilized clams. Home feels pretty good this night and a sauna may be in order with a dip into Echo lake after.

Well some easy riding this day, after a relaxing breakfast ride around Middle hill past an old range rider shelter and through nice open alpine meadows. Destination, the south end with it's flowers and beautiful views and a really good chance of seeing some Mountain Goats quite close. Lunches in the open with a nice fire and if the day is warm enough a dip into Gillian Lake. Back past the ice tunnel draw and special rock garden with its delicate wild flowers, a beauty of their own. It's funny how a small delicate thing of such beauty can withstand the harsh environment. Back to the cabin for supper and stories around the fire.

Well, today I'm sad to say we have to pack up our personal things and head back to the lodge for the last night. Dinner and eager listeners waiting to hear our stories, not to mention a real bath with hot running water and private room.

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