Arrive at the lodge around noon, settle in and I will present your horse. Chosen by personality and ability, especially for you. We will take a short ride before supper to insure that you are comfortable with your horse. This trip takes more preparation, as we have to pack our entire camp with us.

With packhorses in tow, it's off to Stickelan we go. Through Billy goat wash and on past the towering peaks. Mountain Goats on the crags looking down at us and the river crashing over the falls to our right.

Our destination is the lush meadows 2/3 rds of the way to the headwaters we make our first camp (16 miles). With a natural mineral lick just across the river to attract them, the wildlife watch us from a safe distance. We will be using this camp for two nights so make your bed comfy. By the time you have finished, a hot supper and its smells attract you to the camp fire.

After gathering the picketed horses and saddling up we go to the end of the valley. There is a family of Wolverine living there in the open alpine, dining on the Marmot (or Whistling Pig). Seeing Maggi's Icefield and the glaciers that create the Stickelan River impresses the eye and stimulates the mind.

Packing camp we travel the west side of the river up through the pass behind Lone Mt. with its clear brooks crashing down the steep slopes, occasionally dashing you with spray. Camping at tree line in Rafertys Basin and taking a hike up to the original mining claim staked in 1937. If you can catch the sunset from here its a beauty. Back for dinner and relax.

Riding some trails that I can't explain and give justice to, we get to the Copper Zone with its seven switch backs taking us down to the bottom and rocky Goat trail that takes us out the other side to an old mine road and the Morris Mine with its two tunnels, one 750 feet and the other 270 feet, all done by hand. Getting to Copper Creek Ranch at the base of the mt. by evening.

Now this is a place where you can play, and we stay here this day and just have fun. You can ride four miles on a old mine road that is great for running the horses, (and they love it ) and go fishing for 2 to 3 lb Rainbow trout in Tatlayoko Lake. Or ride down to the original mining camp with its remnents of a dream long ago. Pan for gold. At the right time of year the berries are lush and diverse, Saskatoon, Rasberry, Strawberries, Goose Berries, Thimble Berries and Choke Cherries.

Well here is where we start thinking about going home. Pack up and ride the 15 miles back to the lodge. A hot bath and exchanging stories rounds off the day.

Quick Info

  • Level Medium
  • Duration 6 days
  • Group Size 6 - 8
  • Age 6 - 80

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