2013 Rates

Spring Black Bear Hunt (7 days)
May 5, 13, 21 and 29
June 6 
Hunt: $2900.00
Second Bear Fee: $1400.00

FALL HUNTS                                      
Mountain Goat, Mule Deer, Moose
and Black Bear.

Seven Day Basic Hunt includes:
One Mule Deer buck $4020.00 

Start dates
for these hunts:
Sep. 1/  Sep. 9/  Sep. 17/  Sep. 25
Oct. 3/  Oct. 11/  Oct. 19/  Oct. 27
Oct. 28/   Nov. 04/  Nov. 10/  Nov.17
Nov.23 ( rut )

Extras (add-on)
Mountain Goat fee: $5100.00 
Mule Deer fee: $2220.00
Black Bear fee: $1450.00 
Wolf fee :$1230.00
Cougar fee : $2390.00 

Moose (Quota)
Sep. 10-19 
Sep. 20-30 
Nov. 01-10 
One Hunter/One Guide: $5100.00 
Two Hunter/One Guide: $4140.00

For more details and additional information, don't hesitate to write ,call or fax us. 

Mountain Goats
7-day Hunts. Dates same as Deer, but ends on October 30th.
One Hunter/One Guide: $7000.00 
Two-on-One: $6000.00  (each)

Fall Black Bear
7-day hunts. Dates same as Deer.
Hunt: $2900.00
Second Bear Fee $1450.00 
(Goat and Mule Deer at add-on price)

WINTER HUNTS                         

Mountain Lion (Cougar)
7 days or more: Nov. 15 to April 30. One-on-One Hunt: $4320.00 Two-on-One Hunt: $3840.00

Timber Wolf
10 days , Nov. to March

Prices do not include hunting lic. and tags and are in Canadian funds.

Add-ons you only Pay on succes, but you must have a tag ahead of time. 

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