Welcome to our hiking program.  From the lodge we have a variety of marked trails of different durations available to our guests.  From short walks in the immediate area surrounding the lodge, to half or full day trips, or even longer over-night tours.

List of Trails

Potato Mountain
Marmot Mountain
Big Waterfall Trail
Moose Meadow
Lodge-Cattle Trail
CottonWood trail
Marmot - Wilderness Lake
Wilderness Lake Circle Tour
Little Waterfall Trail
Wilderness Lake Return

---------- All Day
All Day
5-6 Hours
5-6 Hours
2.5-3 Hours
2 Hours
2-2.5 Hours
1.5 Hours
1-1.5 Hours
40 Minutes

All Guided Hiking $60.00 per person, per day

Guided Hiking Trips*

Potato Mountain
Potato Mountain
Marmot Mountain
Marmot Mountain
Two Mountain Combo
Two Mountain Combo
Grand Tour: 7 Valleys, 3 Alpine Passes, Glaciers, Extreme Remote.

------- 2 Days, $225
3 Days, $350
3 Days, $425
4 Days, $550
6 Days, $775
7 Days, $975
14 days - Contact us

* Horse assisted. Includes meals.

All parties must be reasonably fit and in good health.  Any or all trips can be delayed or cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.  4 Person Minimum requirement.  For more information on individual hiking trips, call or email us.


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